Tree Reports

Acorn Tree Services are able to offer tree reports for individual trees, parklands and industrial areas as well as tree health reports, mortgage reports and BS5837 planning reports.

All tree reports are carried out by our professional aboriculturists who are fully trained to deal with all aspects of trees and will thoroughly carry out all of the reports and surveys that we offer.

Tree Safety Reports

We will carry out safety inspections on trees to identify any hazardous risks, assess the structural integrity and assess the risks. A detailed written report will then be provided with any recommendations for remedial action if necessary.

Planning Reports

If building is to be planned near trees then a professional tree survey to BS5837 standards is required. The surveys and reports we carry out all meet the requirements of the local planning department.

The purpose of these reports are to identify the quality of trees on a building site and to determine where their roots extend to. The report will help to determine where building can take place without any impact on trees and also identifies which trees should be removed and which trees should be kept.

Mortgage Reports

Before purchasing a building with trees in proximity, mortgage companies require an arboricultural survey to be carried out to assess the risk of trees to the structure. These risks include subsidence, blocked drains and hazardous trees. At Acorn Tree Services we will thoroughly assess any trees that are near a property, providing a full report in accordance to British Standards to meet the needs of the mortgage companies.

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